11 districts

04 States

An array of relief measures were initiated in 11 districts across 4 states since lockdown that came into effect on March 25th, 2020.

Two hospitals under Deepak Foundation designated as COVID Care facilities

Two of the hospitals managed by Deepak Foundation in Jharkhand have been designated as COVID Care facilities by the state government

Serving food to the stranded truckers, migrant labourer

Distribution of cooked food and supply of dry ration kits at strategic locations to stranded truckers and industrial workers who lost their daily wages

Distribution of food packets for migrant labourers on their way home through Shramik Express trains

Outpatient services through our Mobile Health Units (MHUs)

Providing primary health care to remote communities

Spreading awareness on prevention and containment of the infection via public address system, demonstrations and supplies to over 3,00,000 population in partnership with 12 other corporate partners through MHUs in rural and tribal areas

Supply of Personal protective equipment (PPE) kits

PPE kits supplied to staff engaged in health care services at community and at facility level of both government and trust hospitals

Help Desk, functional at the district’s SSG hospital of Vadodara, catering to nearly 40 suspected cases on a daily basis at the emergency ward of the hospital